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Fast, Powerful, Compact, Versatile, Eco-Friendly & Low-Maintenance, EKX bike is for next-gen biking enthusiasts.

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ekx x21 electric bike

EKX Electric Bike

Ekx X21 eBike

Best electric dirt bike under 2000

The EKX X21 electric bike provides a quiet way to get around, enabling you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Featuring a motorbike design with a detachable battery, reliable quality, and high cost-efficiency.

The X21 Bike can reach a top speed of 32 mph. Travels 75-90 miles on Pedal Assist Mode; 45miles-65miles electric only mode.

Why Choose EKX Bike

The best electric dirt bike for adults 2023

2000W | 48V | 35Ah Samsung

Engineering & Design

EKX bike, crafted by a team of elite motorbike engineers driven by a passion to create the ultimate ebike.

Ultimate Power

Powerful motor, 35Ah Samsung battery, bigger controller, an amazing combination for reliable output.

All Terrain

Fat tire provides greater stability and a versatile thread ensures solid traction on aggressive terrain.

One Year Warranty

Fast shipping from US EU warehouse for all orders, EKX has you covered with limited warranty

X20 Electric Bike

Best Commuter ebike 2024

Quick and spritely like Bumblebee, this compact X20 off road bike is built for excitement. Amped with style and comfort features, this electric bike is designed for thrill seekers who love adventure.

“No riding segment is growing faster than electric bikes – They are less physically demanding and provide a fun experience, perfect for commuting and even long distance outdoor adventures.”

ekx bike shop

Why electric bikes are good

The Future is Electric: E-Bike Market Trends

EKX eBike Community

x20 electric bike


Not just a walk in the park or on flat paths at cruising speeds! Kick up some dirt.

ekx bike ride
ekx ebike ride


Navigate challenging landscapes, agilely hiking up and down steep, preferably rocky paths.

Ride Anywhere, Anytime

The EKX Bike’s high-power motor allows you to ride on multiple terrains you’d previously never imagined possible.

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What We Can Offer


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2000w dirt bike

Return & Refund

Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want you to enjoy your ride.


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EKX Bikes

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Experience the thrill of a ride with the versatile Ekx electric bike, designed to conquer any terrain. With a powerful motor and large battery, you can enjoy a fun and adrenaline-pumping way to explore new places and relish the freedom of the open road.

No noise, no fumes, no limits.

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