Make Your Morning Bike Rides Much Easier

Unlock the full potential of EKX electric dirt bike, excelling in hill climbing, off-road adventures, and all-around enjoyment.

“Navigating the demands of a daily work routine can be stressful, but the morning ride offers the perfect combination of a exercise and commuting. It can bring a sense of order and calm to the rest of your day.”

Larry Hart

“Ekx X20 electric dirt bike that effortlessly blends the best of both electric and mountain biking. Conquering trails and hills becomes a breeze with its power, offering a ride that’s fast and smooth.”

Kyle Holland

X21 ebike

2000W Motor

48V 35AH Battery

34 Mph / 55 Kph Speed

75 Mi / 125 Km Max Range

0-30 mph in 4 Seconds

Confidently explore all off-road terrain with X21 dirt ebike. 2000W 48V and more of peak power from a detachable Samsung battery, conquer trails and hills with speed and ease.

ekx bike x21

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X20 Ebike

Easy to handle as a fat tire electric bike, with plenty of torque and power similar to an off-road motorbike. Optional battery capacity and detachable, enabling the rider to focus more on riding and having fun.

2000W Motor | 48V 30Ah Battery | 34 Mph Speed | 60-75 Mile Range| 20″x4″ Snow Tire

Customer Care

What is the warranty of EKX ebike?

All EKX bikes come with a 30-day basic manufacturer’s warranty for defects in material and workmanship. There is a 6-month limited warranty on commensurable parts and a 12-month warranty on the frame and battery. For more details on our policy, you can view our warranty here.

Is my Ekxbike legal for road use?

Ekx X21 ebike is designed primarily for OFF-ROAD use. X20 electric bike is road-legal ebike though. Please check and confirm your local street regulations whether ekx electric bike is legal for road use. 

Where can I buy replacement parts for Ekx bike?

The best way is to contact your local dealer, who will assist you in ordering the right part. Alternatively, please contact and our support team will help to to receive a part you need.

How long to receive my bike?

We ship bike orders twice a week from local warehouse in USA & Europe. Most of common shipping orders will be delivered in 5-10 days. If your order has already been shipped, you can’t cancel it. Check our Check our orders & shipping section.

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FAQ - Electric Bike

What is an electric bike

Most of electric bikes look just like a regular bike but feature a motor and battery, allowing for electric power on pedal assist or throttle.

Do you need a license for an electric bike

Electric Pedal Assist bike is legal to ride on road without a license or registration. Throttle-controlled type of e-bikes, especially class-3 may considered a ebike or a motorized vehicle, subject to specific regulations.

How do electric bikes work

A motor, a battery and a controller, 3-key parts of an ebike. Riding modes include Pedal-assist, pure electricity, or manual cycling. In Europe, bikes only engaging in throttle twisting tricks is not allowed.

How fast can an electric bike go

How fast do electric bikes go?
Generally, most electric bikes with 500w motor have a limited max speed of 20~28 Mph (32 to 45 Kph).

How much is an electric bike

How much are electric bikes?
E-bike cost depends on above 3 key main parts mentioned above, as well as the brand and frame. Entry-level electric bikes can start from $500 to $1,000, while high-end models with advanced features can cost several thousand.

What is the best electric bike

The best electric bike involves a combination of various factors to ensure a superior riding experience: a powerful motor, a long-lasting battery, a comfortable and safe design, stable quality—especially considering we’re not technicians ourselves.