EKX Bike Assembly Guide

Assembly Guides

Individual assembly guide manual for each ekx electric bike model can be found packaged with your bicycle.

Unbox EKX electric bike

1. Open the carton from the top and take out the bicycle.
2. Remove the straps and protective wrapping from the bicycle.

  1. Inspect the bicycle and all accessories and parts for any possible shortages.
  2. Before installation, it’s recommended to lubricate the threads and all moving parts in the parts package.
  3. Do not throw away packing materials until assembly is complete to ensure that no necessary parts are accidentally discarded.

Note: Your bicycle may have different style components than the ones illustrated.

ekx x20 bike package

Stem and Handlebars

ekx bike assemble - stem handlebar
  1. Remove the protective shipping cap from the stem wedge.
  2. Take out the Stem Plug from the stem. Loosen the Stem Bolt using a 6mm allen wrench or 13mm box wrench.
  3. Insert the stem into the headtube of the bicycle. Make sure the Minimum Insertion Line is below the top nut of the headset.
  4. Align the stem and handlebar to be in line with the front wheel.
  5. Tighten the Stem Bolt with the 6mm allen wrench. Then, reinsert the Stem Plug into the stem.
  6. Check the headset for smooth rotation and ensure the top nut is securely tightened.
  7. Loosen the 6mm Binder Bolt and adjust the handlebar so the levers are at a 45-degree angle below it.
  8. Retighten the Binder Bolt to prevent the handlebar from rotating in the stem.
  1. Loosen the nuts or fixing bolt on the seat clamp.
  2. For a standard seatpost, insert the tapered end into the seat clamp until it reaches the top. For a micro-adjustable seatpost, slide the seat into the clamp, ensuring the rails align with the channels.
  3. Partially tighten the nuts or fixing bolt.
  4. Insert the seat assembly into the frame, adjusting it to the desired height. Ensure the seat post is inserted at least to the “Minimum Insertion” line.
  5. Close the quick release lever. It should offer resistance when closed. If not, reopen and tighten the lever before closing it again.
  6. Center the seat in the clamp and adjust it to be generally level with the ground.
  7. Evenly retighten the nuts or fixing bolt before riding. Avoid riding with a loose saddle.

EKX e-bike may come equipped with either a standard or a micro-adjustable seatpost.

Seat and SeatPost

ekx electric bike assemble - pedals

Pedals & Crank Set

Check for the letters “R” for right and “L” for left stamped on each pedal spindle. Thread each pedal by hand to avoid stripping the threads, then tighten with a 15mm narrow open-ended wrench. Remember, the right pedal attaches to the chainwheel side crank arm with a right-hand (clockwise) thread, while the left pedal attaches to the other crank arm with a left-hand (counter-clockwise) thread. Ensure the crank set is correctly adjusted and tight before riding your bicycle, as new cranks may loosen with initial use.

After installing the pedals, remove the dust caps from the center of each crank arm and tighten the spindle nuts securely (approx. 350 in. lbs.) with a 14mm socket wrench or an 8mm Allen wrench, depending on style. Finally, replace the dust caps.

Remind: Incorrectly attaching a pedal to a crank arm can strip pedal threads and cause irreparable damage, so always double-check before your first ride.

Front Wheel - Quick Release

Installing a quick release front wheel is easy with these steps:

  1. Remove the tension adjusting nut and spring, then slide the skewer through the hub. For bikes with disc brakes, start by inserting the skewer on the side with the brake rotor. Replace the spring and nut.
  2. Disengage rim brakes for tire clearance.
  3. Insert the wheel into the dropouts, ensuring the lever is on the left.
  4. Hold the lever OPEN while tightening the nut until finger-tight against the fork dropout.
  5. Push the wheel firmly into the top of the slots, centering the rim. Close the lever parallel to the fork blade. If it can’t reach, adjust the nut and try again.
  6. Re-engage the brake, spin the wheel for alignment, and squeeze the lever to test operation.
ekx x20 bike wheel
ekx x21 bike wheel
ekx ebike wheel

Front Wheel - Bolt on Installation

  1. Ensure the brakes are loose enough for the wheel to pass through the brake pads.
  2. Insert the wheel into the fork dropouts.
  3. Install retaining washers with the raised lip pointed towards the fork, or step retaining washers if applicable.
  4. Tighten the axle nut to center the wheel between the fork blades.
  5. Spin the wheel to ensure it’s centered and clears the brake shoes. Adjust brakes if needed.

Rear Wheel - Bolt on Installation

  1. For rim brakes, ensure they’re loose enough for the wheel to pass through easily. No adjustment needed for disc brakes.
  2. Place the wheel into the frame dropouts.
  3. Slide a washer onto each side of the axle.
  4. Tighten the axle nuts to center the wheel in the frame, easier with the bike turned upside-down.
  5. Spin the wheel to ensure it’s centered and clears the brake shoes.

Remember to check the front wheel connection carefully to prevent dislodging.

Disc Brakes - Tektro

  1. Check and tighten the six disc mounting bolts securely.

  2. Ensure the caliper adaptor bracket bolts are tight.

  3. Thread the brake cable through the caliper and fix it with the bolt.

  4. Loosen the caliper mounting bolts for flexibility.

  5. Install the wheel, aligning the brake rotor with the caliper slot. Center the caliper and tighten the bolts.

  6. Adjust the inside brake pad using the inner pad adjusting bolt.

  7. Fine-tune the outside brake pad using the caliper barrel adjuster.

ekx x21 ebike caliper
ekx x20 electric bike disc
ekx electric bike disc

Derailleur Systems

The derailleur system comprises front and rear derailleurs, shift levers, and control cables, all essential for smooth gear shifting. Rear Derailleur

  1. Shift to the largest number on the rear shifter and loosen the cable from the anchor bolt.
  2. Place the chain on the smallest sprocket and adjust the High limit screw to align the guide pulley vertically with the sprocket.
  3. Re-tighten the cable, remove any slack, and secure the anchor bolt.
  4. Test shifting through all gears smoothly and quietly.
  5. Use the barrel adjuster to fine-tune cable tension by turning it clockwise to move the chain away from the wheel, and counter-clockwise to move it towards the wheel.
ekx bike shimano 7
x21 electric bike

Final Check

  • Shift through every gear at varying speeds to ensure correct adjustments and identify any issues. Refer to the manual for adjustments if needed.
  • Inflate tires to recommended psi as stated on the sidewall.
  • Check kickstand operation and ensure bolt is tight.
  • Inspect the ekx electric bicycle for attached accessories and secure all quick releases, nuts, and bolts.
  • Regular maintenance will ensure long-lasting performance. Consult the manual or a professional bike shop for servicing.
  • Always wear a helmet and follow traffic laws for safe riding.

ekx X20 bike

Easy to handle as a fat tire electric bike, with plenty of torque and power similar to an off-road motorbike.

2000W Motor | 48V 30Ah Battery | 34 Mph Speed

ekx x21 bike

2000W ekx X21 with Massive capacity and detachable battery, enabling the rider to focus more on riding and having fun.

60-75 Mile Range| 20″x4″ Snow Tire