EKX X21 eBike Display Setting

X21 E-Bike Display Manual

EKX X21 Electric bike use Yolin ebike display (YL91F-H) as X20 bike (YL80C) but with different model of Yolin displays.

Main Functional Overview

The Yolin YL91F ebike display offers a variety of features to enhance your riding experience, including:

  • Battery level indicator
  • Pedal assist (PAS) level indicator
  • Speed (current, maximum, average)
  • Mileage display (single and total)
  • Walk boost mode
  • Light ON/OFF
  • Error code indicator
  • Cruise control indicator (customizable)
  • Personalized settings (e.g., wheel diameter, speed limit, battery power setting, PAS parameter setting, password setting, controller current limit setting, etc.)
  • Factory default parameter recovery function 
ekx yolin ebike display

X21 Electric Bike Display & Control Button

Button Functions

The X21 bike display is equipped with 5 buttons on the panel: power on/off button, plus & minus button, light and toggle button “i”.

The X21 display will automatically shut off if it is not used for more than 10 minutes.

When the Yolin display is powered on, it will show the Current Speed (km/h) and Odometer (km) by default. Short press “i” to switch between Odometer (km), Trip Odometer(km), Maximum Speed (km/h), and Average Speed (km/h).

EKX X21 Bike Display Setting

How to Enter and Adjust the Setting

1), Press and hold “+”&”-” simultaneously to enter the personalized ebike display setting interface.
2), Short press + / – to toggle between the setting interface, and press “i” to enter the modification status.
3), Press “+” / “-” to select the target settings.
4), Press “i” to save and then long press “i” to exit the the setting interface mode.

Routine Operation

  • Walk boost Mode: Press and hold the “i” button to enter walk boost mode, where the bike will move at a fixed speed of 6 km/h. The display will show a walking icon. Release the button to stop and return to the previous state.
  • Turn on/off Headlight: Short press the headlight button to turn it on or off. (display backlight switch between dim and brightness accordingly)
  • PAS Level: P3 is the Pedal assist level (motor output power) settings are: 0~3, 1~3, 0~5, 1~5, 1~7, 0~7, 0~9, 1~9.

P1: Mileage Unit

  • 00 for metric (Km)
  • 01 for imperial (Miles)
EKX X21 Display Setting
ekx x21 electric bike display setting

P6: Speed Limit

P6 is the X21 ebike max speed limit setting. The adjustable speed range is: 1~63km/h or 1~41km/h.

  • Long press “+” & “-” to activate the setting mode, and hold “i” to enter the changing state
  • Press + / – to adjust and select the parameter.
  • Press “i” to save and long press “i” exit the setting interface.

P7: Controller Current Limit Setting

Adjustable range: 1~31.5A

P8: PAS Sensor Sensitivity

Adjustable range: 2-9.
2 is the highest level sensitivity while 9 is the lowest.

PA: Power-on Password Setting

  • PSd-y: power-on password is activated
  • PSd-n: power-on password off

PA is the power-on password setting. The power-on password is not activated by default but users can activate it from setting PSd-y. The factory default password is 1212.
Users can set other 4-digit password. Please keep the password in mind after changing it, otherwise you will not be able to use the display.

Trip Odometer Reset

X21 e-bike display can record trip odometer and odometer. Trip odometer is not automatically reset after turning off and needs to be reset manually.

Enter into the main setting interface and keep the speed at 0, press and hold “+” and “-” simultaneously for 2s to reset the trip odometer. The main interface will flash during the reset process.

EKX X21 ebike Error Code

ekx x21 ebike display error code
YL-01, YL-02 Error codes
Error codeDescriptionError Code Description
E001 Controller failure E004 Throttle failure
E002 Communication failureE005 Brake failure
E003 Hall failure E006 Motor phase failure
YL-05, KDS, YL-J Error codes
E021 Current failure E024 Hall failure
E022 Throttle failure E025 Brake failure
E023 Motor phase failure E030 Communication failure

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