T1 electric bike
T1 bike ekx
T1 ebike
ekx t1 ebike

EKX T1 Ebike

A Budget Friendly 1000W 20AH Electric Bike Off Road 21-Speed Shifting – EKX T1 e-MTB


48V 1000W Motor
Powerful 1kw motor, 28A controller, maximum peak power up to 1500W.
20Ah Battery
960Wh detachable battery ensuring T1 ebike for everyday riding on all conditions.
32Mph Speed
Riding to your destination effortlessly without missing out the scenic views along the journey.
50Mi Range
ekx bike T1 travels 45-60miles on Pedal Assist Mode; 25-35miles electric only mode.
20*4" Tires
T1 fat tire offers excellent durability, grip, and resistance to skidding, allowing for easy navigation of challenging terrain.
Motorcycle Frame
Stylish ergonomic sports structure of the Ekx T1 e-bike ensures comfort and ease of riding.
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Strap on your helmet, rev the motor, get ready for the ride of your life.

T1 ebike overview

The EKX off-road eBike T1 aims to reach a wider audience than ever before due to its combination of affordability and premium quality. As the best affordable eBike under $1000 with a 48V 20Ah battery, it allows riders to experience thrilling off-road adventures.

The EKX T1 is the best off road electric bike, designed to ignite your sense of adventure and add a new dimension to your daily trips. Whether you’re looking for efficient last-mile mobility or have a passionate craving for speed and adventure, the T1 electric bike promises to redefine your concept of power and style.

T1 Electric Bike Specs


0-30 mph in seconds

48V 15Ah | 20Ah

Removable Battery

34 Mph | 55 Kph

Max Speed

40-60 Mi

Top Range

ekx ebike T1 features

x20 electric bike motor

Massive Power

1000W motor infuses T1 e-bike with exceptional vigor, empowering riders to conquer various terrains and inclines with ease.

ekx bike battery

50 Miles Range

ekx ebike T1 durable 48V 20A battery, offers 50+mile PAS range, extending adventures without the hassle of frequent recharges.

ekx x20 bike

30 Mph Max Speed

Top speed of 30 mph, 1.5kw peak power enables easy navigation over steep hills and long distances, ensuring a reliable and exhilarating ride.

x20 ebike suspension

Dual Suspension

Full suspension ensures a smoother ride and better control on bumpy terrains, essential for enduring the challenges of offroad.

ekx T1 e-bike

48V 1000W (Peak 1500W)

20*4.0" Fat Tire

15Ah | 20Ah Samsung

Hydraulic Brakes
Suspension Fork
7-Speed Gears

What Makes the Best Off Road Electric Bike

Off Road Tires

T1 fat tire electric bike features 20*4 inch off-road tires with aggressive treads, offering better traction and stability on any rough terrain. Your reliable ride on diverse surfaces from city streets to off-road trails.

Motocross / Dirt Bike Frame

Geometry that balances stability and maneuverability is crucial. The T1 offroad electric bike boasts sturdy and durable frame construction, T1 dirtbike frame enhances comfort and reduces rider fatigue.


Double fork front suspension absorbs impacts from bumps and obstacles, T1 e bikes off road offers a smoother ride and improved control on bumpy trails.

Motor Power

T1 offroad ebike with powerful 1000W motor and high torque, helps in conquering steep inclines and rough terrains. T1 offers extra long range, high efficiency, quieter, lighter, smoother daily ride.

Battery Capacity

T1 off road bike 20Ah battery provides longer range, allowing for extended offroading adventures on a single charge.

Front & Rear hydraulic disc brake ensure efficient stopping power, crucial for navigating downhill sections and sudden obstacles.

T1 e bikes for off road

off road electric bikes

A perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

T1 off road e bike Details

T1 bike 1000W gear motor: Strong climbing output offers enough power for your daily outings and beach trips.

EKX T1 48V 15Ah / 20Ah battery adds convenience and possibilities for extended range, making it a valuable feature for many riders.

EKX T1 ebike merges off-road aesthetics with modern tech for superior rides. Conquer any terrain with T1 bike fat tires.

Front & Rear shock absorbers offers superior control and comfort for long distance trips.

T1 offroad electric bike disc brakes offer enough power for instant stops, decent e bikes for off road riding.

The dirtbike design of T1 off road bike features with sporty motorcycle frame, lightweight and comfort to ride in any applications.

ekx ebike off road 28A controller ensures stable punchout, making T1 quick in acceleration and responsive on the trails.

3-Riding modes offer flexibility, allowing T1 e-Bike for various conditions, more versatile for diverse riders and purposes.

5 levels of pedal-assist is useful for extending range and reducing rider fatigue, especially on longer rides or uphill climbs.

Essential front lights and taillights components of Ekx eBikes, providing safety, legal compliance, visibility to riders.

T1 off-road bike, equipped with a detachable battery, offers two charging methods, eliminating the need to carry the bike around.

The backlit, heads-up LCD display offers real-time trip and battery comsumption. IP-65 rated electrical components enhance water and dust resistance.

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Recreational Riding

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T1 off road dirt bike - Data Sheet

EKX-BIKE, your go-to online destination for top-tier offroad electric bikes, offering a wide range of electric bikes that are not only affordable but also of the highest quality.

Tailored for dirt bike enthusiasts, our premier collection of electric dirtbike promises cutting-edge performance and style. Explore our curated range for seamless rides on city streets or rugged terrains. Embrace sustainable and smart mobility with EKX as your guide to greener, more exhilarating rides.

SpecificationsTire: 20” *4.0” off-road tiresGeneralItem Name: EKX T1 bike off road
Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum alloyBrand: GUNAI
Max Speed: 30 mph (50km/h)Type: Offroad Electric Bike
Pure electric 30 – 40 milesModel: EKX  T1
Pedal-assist 45 – 50 milesColor: Black
Max Load: 200kgFeatures50-55mile power-assisted mileage
Shift level: 7 SpeedMax speed 50km/h (30mph )
Motor: 1000W hub motorAluminum alloy frame
Battery: 48V 15Ah | 20Ah lithium batteryRugged design, ensuring safety
Brake: front and rear hydraulic oil brakesThree modes of travel
Front fork: hydraulic front forkpedal mode, pedal-assist mode, electric mode
Slope: 35°Display: LCD YL90F
Suspension: Front & RearLight: LED spot-light
Expanded size: 68.5″*38.2″*25.6″SizesApplicable height: 63″-76.8″ (160-195 cm)
Transmission system: Rear driveActual weight: Approx. 72 lbs (33 kg)
Overcurrent protection:28A (Controller max current)Battery weight: Approx. 11LBS (5 kg)

1 × T1 Electric Dirt Bike

1 × Charger

1 × Tool Kit

1 × User Manual

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Client Testimonials

“This is my first ebike. Incredible bang for your buck. I live on a beach and this is my main transportation now. Running well after 2500km, Super fast, looks sharp, and pretty solid build. Thumbs up!”
“I ordered 3 of these and they did not disappoint. I’m excited to use them for them summer, I think people should look into getting these more often. They’re smooth easy to use you can add accessories too and they go around 30 mph . Feels really fast for a bike. Great buy not disappointed.”
x20 electric bike
Alanda Erps

T1 off road ebike - FAQ

EKX T1 off road ebike is one of the cheapest off road bikes you can find in market. T1 Ebike on sale under $1000, making it a budget-friendly mini ebike.

EKX T1 is a pretty fast ebike, max speed at 32 miles per hour(50km/h), full throttle.

T1 off road e bikes can cover 40-50 miles in pedal assisted mode. At constant top speed you probably get a range of about 25 miles.

The recommended height is 5’5″-6’6″. The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds.

T1 e bikes off road battery voltage × controller output = max motor current. This bike comes with a 48V motor and a 20Ah battery, So stock you get a max of 960Wh power.

Exploring diverse terrains, from soft sand and snow to hardpack trails and rocks with the off road bike T1.

This ekx T1 electric offroad bike comes 85% assembled, leaving only a few simple parts for you to handle. Remember, we’ll be more than happy to help if you need any guidance.

ekx bike can be ridden in the rain, it can handle moderate water crossings in off-roading conditions. However, significant immersion in water and refrain from using pressure washers is not advised.

X20 Ebike

Easy to handle as a fat tire electric bike, with plenty of torque and power similar to an off-road motorbike.

2000W Motor | 48V 30Ah Battery | 34 Mph Speed

X21 Electric bike

Optional X21 battery capacity and detachable, enabling the rider to focus more on riding and having fun.

60-75 Mile Range| 20″x4″ Off-Road Tire