EKX X21 Ebike Battery


X21 Electric Bike Battery

Brand: EKX-bike.

Item: EKX X21 Electric Bike Battery

Volt: 48V | Capacity: 35Ah

Installation: Removable, Plug & Play.

Range: 40-90 Miles depends on rider’s weight and terrain condition.

X21 ebike battery size: 350*185*100mm.

Charging time: 6-10 Hours.

Original factory X21 bike battery, detachable battery suitable for ekx x21 electric bike.

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EKX X21 Ebike Battery

48V 35Ah quick swap battery for adult ebike – EKX-X20-X21-Ebike

*X21 ebike is fat tire electric bike with 2kW powerful motor, removable battery, dual suspension, hydraulic brakes, and 20*4” offroad tires!

ebike with removable battery advantages:

  1. Flexibility: The hot-swap battery usually has a built-in charging port, allowing for convenient charging at anywhere rather than carry your bike upstairs.
  2. Extended Range: The ekx bike battery is compact, riders can carry a spare charged battery at office or home to double travel range.
  3. Cost-Effective: Repairing or replacing a battery pack in an electric bike with a detachable battery is more economical and easier compared to integrated battery bikes.


  1. Never charge ekx bike battery indoors or longer than 24 hours.
  2. Li-lon batteries do not have a “memory.” Partial discharge/charge cycles will not harm the battery’ capacity or performance.
  3. Be friendly to the environment! Be sure to recycle your old batteries at a local battery-recycling center. Do not throw them in the garbage!

X20 35Ah, X21 35Ah


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