x21 pocket bike
ekx x21 ebike
ekx x21 electric bike
x21 electric bike

EKX X21 Ebike

2000W 48V 35Ah Quality Off Road e bike

Original price was: $2,799.00.Current price is: $1,999.00.

48V 2000W Motor
Consistent and stable power output ensures smooth acceleration and energy efficiency. Easily conquer most hills.
35Ah Samsung Battery
Removable battery for charging at home or the office, ensuring X21 ebike lasts the daily commute.
35Mph Speed
X21 electric bike fully charges in 8-10 hours and reaches top speed of 35 mph (55kph)
Max Range
ekx bike x21 travels 75-90miles on Pedal Assist Mode; 45-65miles electric only mode.
Fat Tires
Domilate any terrain with 20*4.0 fat tires. Anti-slip tread for all conditions. Ideal for city streets, trails, and more
Dirtbike Design
Sitting on a dirt bike style seat atop what feels like a moped. It might become your primary ride before you realize it.
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Make your everyday out into an incredible adventure, with our epic X21 off-road dirt ebike.

ekx x21 ebike overview

Enhanced power and improved battery make the X21 electric bike a snap to master and a blast to ride. It’s the perfect electric dirt bike for outdoor enthusiasts at a decent price.

2000W brushless geared hub motor effortlessly tackles steep inclines and reaches speeds up to 34mph (55km/h) in seconds. With a massive 48V 35Ah Samsung battery, enjoy a remarkable 60-90 miles max range for adventurous rides.

The EKX dirt eBike X21 aims to reach a wider audience than ever before, allowing them to experience exciting off-road adventures they could previously only dream of.

X21 Electric Bike Specs


0-30 mph in seconds

48V 35Ah

Samsung Battery

34 Mph | 55 Kph

Max Speed

60-90 Mi


X21 ebike features

x20 electric bike motor

Impressive Power

Rider to unleash the full potential and get ready for speed as it sprints from 0 to 30mph in just few seconds.

ekx bike battery

Top Range

Partnering with Samsung, ekx bike x21 secures an optional riding mode of three, delivering 60 to 90 miles on a single charge.

ekx x20 bike

Max Speed

With its lightweight motorbike frame and optimized weight distribution, the EKX X21 ebike provides smooth acceleration, reaching speeds of up to 35 mph.

x20 ebike suspension

Front & Rear Suspension

X21 electric bike dual suspension makes the off-roading journey comfort and safe.

ekx x21 bike

48V 2000W

20*4.0" Fat Tire

35Ah Samsung

Hydraulic Brakes
Suspension Fork
7-Speed Gears

ekx x21 ebike review

Speed and Range

The ekx bike X21 is designed to push boundaries and conquer new frontiers with its powerful 2kW engine and fat tires, top speed of 34mph (55km/h) and range up to 70 miles on one charge. Nothing is off-limits when riding this bike.

Smooth Acceleration

If you’re looking for a quality ride that combines power and comfort at affordable price, the 2000w  EKX X21 electric dirtbike is an excellent choice. It offers affordability without compromising functionality.

Quick-Swap Battery

Removable 35Ah Samsung battery advantage of the X21 electric bike offers flexibility in vary charging needs, taking 6-8 hours to charge and providing a range of 75-85 miles.

Superior Suspension

Double-fork hydraulic shock absorber with effective suspension measures minimizes vibration, making the ride smoother. Hydraulic oil brakes provide precise braking distance, even in wet weather

Low Maintenance

X21 ebike features a sporty and stylish dirt-bike frame, robust and durable build quality; a reliable hydraulic brake system and dual suspension, along with 20*4 inch fat tires, offers you complete control to adapt to any terrain or situation during your ride.

The EKX X21 adult electric bike definitely offers excellent value for money and is perfect for city commutes, making deliveries, or outdoor adventures.

ekx ebike X21 handle bar

ekx x21 electric bike display

Experience ultimate quality, comfort & style with X21 e dirt bike. Explore off road like never before!

ekx x21 electric bike Details

The powerful internal motor is basically maintenance-free, offering fast response, high speed, smooth & stable rotation.

Embark on extended journeys with the Samsung 1680Wh EKX X21 electric bike battery, known for its high efficiency and removable design, easy swapping and recharging outside the frame.

The EKX X21 comes equipped with 20 x 4-inch snow tires, perfect for tackling challenging terrains. Whether you’re navigating city streets, rocky trails, beaches, or rural landscapes, X21 bike effortlessly handles it all.

The eBike X21 features durable Front & Rear suspension for rugged terrains, paired with wide off-road tires for comfortable riding and improved control on any terrain.

X21 adult electric bike hydraulic brakes offering a simultaneous Dual Braking System for optimal stability and steerability.

The premium design of X21 ebike features with sporty dirtbike aluminum alloy frame, making it lightweight and ideal for fearless riders to conquer any terrain with ease.

ekx bike controller ensures stable power output, smooth acceleration, increased energy efficiency, extending the range.

Easily switch modes for various riding conditions, enhancing your riding experience on diverse terrains from city streets to rocky beaches, mud, grasslands, and jungles.

5 levels of pedal-assist programming improves Pedal Assist by adjusting assistance based on power level, not just speed.

The integrated safety light system includes a headlamp and taillight, ensuring visibility at all times of the day.

The X21 Dirt eBike’s swappable battery lets you exchange for a fully-charged one in seconds, eliminating time-consuming charging methods. Extend your journey like never before!

The backlit, heads-up LCD display offers real-time trip and battery comsumption. IP-65 rated electrical components enhance water and dust resistance.

ekx x21 e-bike
x21 e-bike
ekx ebike x21

ekx x21 electric bike Data Sheet

EKXBIKE was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts with innovative ideas about micro-mobility. This X series e-bike blends vintage aesthetics with an outdoor sporty frame design that pays homage to classics.

Our aim was to provide lightweight, affordable e-bikes for daily commuting amidst heavy traffic. The removable battery can be quickly swapped and charged at home in the garage or under the office desk.

If you’re seeking a powerful, fast, long-range, all-terrain sports dirt e-bike that delivers exceptional performance, the EKXBIKE 2000W Fat Tire E-bike is the perfect choice.

SpecificationsTire: 20” *4.0” off-road tiresGeneralItem Name: EKX X21 E-Bike
Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum alloyBrand: GUNAI
Max Speed: 34 mph (40-50km/h)Type: Electric Bike
Pure electric 40 – 45 milesModel: EKX X21
Pedal-assist 70 – 75 milesColor: Black
Max Load: 200kgFeatures75-93.5mile power-assisted mileage
Shift level: 7 SpeedMax speed 50km/h (34mph )
Motor: 2000W hub motorAluminum alloy frame
Battery: 48V 35Ah Samsung lithium batteryRugged design, ensuring safety
Brake: front and rear hydraulic oil brakesThree modes of travel
Front fork: hydraulic front forkpedal mode, pedal-assist mode, electric mode
Slope: 35°Display: LCD YL90F
Suspension: Front & RearLight: LED spot-light
Expanded size: 68.5″*38.2″*25.6″SizesApplicable height: 63″-76.8″ (160-195 cm)
Transmission system: Rear driveActual weight: Approx. 80 lbs (36 kg)
Overcurrent protection:28A (Controller max current)Battery weight: Approx. 17LBS (7.5-8 kg)

1 × X21 Electric Dirt Bike

1 × Charger

1 × Tool Kit

1 × User Manual

Client Testimonials

“it’s been amazing and performs exceptionally well for its price. Unlike spending $4,000 to $6,000 on a Sur Ron, the X21 offers great versatility and can be ridden like a regular bike on the road. I nearly bought a Sur Ron, and I might still get one because I love dirt bikes, having grown up riding them.”
“I was a little apprehensive due to the lack of reviews here stateside but the price couldn't be beat and the second I was told that the warehouse was in Cali I pulled the trigger. By far one of the best sub $1900 investments I've made.”

ekx x21 electric bike - FAQ

All most all electric dirt bike at local shops start at $3000. ekx X21 electric bike, available on Newegg, Amazon, and others.
If you want a really nice Ebike for $2000 shipped to your door in less than a week, then 2000W EKX X21 is the way to go for anything in this price range.

ekx ebike X21 is a very fast bike, max speed at 32 miles per hour(50km/h). Full throttle.

x21 off road ebike can cover 60-75 miles in pure e-bike mode and 95-120 miles in pedal assisted bike mode. At constant top speed you probably get a range of about 40 miles.

You have the option to either find a local mechanic or rely on Ekx eBike for after-sales service (a money-saving option). Ask Ekx for video instructions if you find it difficult to replace any broken parts.

Yes, ekx do sell extra X21 battery replacement, controller and other parts for x20 x21 ebike.

The recommended height is 5.3-6.4 feet. The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds.

ekx X21 electric bike controller output × battery voltage = max motor current. This bike comes with a 48V motor and a 35Ah battery, So stock you get a max of 1680Wh power.

The X21 is an upgraded dirtbike version of the X20 ebike, featuring a larger battery and frame. Both offer decent quality for the price.

From forest creeks to rugged mountains; Navigate twisting trails or steep hills; Explore all off-road terrains with the off road eBike X21, stabilizing and adapting to your riding habits.

This ekx x21 off road e-bike comes 85% assembled, it was put together mostly, but front tire, breaks, handlebar, light and pedals needed to be attached. Remember, we’ll be more than happy to help if you need any guidance.

ekx x21 can be ridden in the rain, it can handle moderate water crossings in off-roading conditions. However, significant immersion in water and refrain from using pressure washers is not advised.

Rider A: I just used Amazon zip tie fenders and they worked fine. EKX also has OEM fenders as well.

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