ekx x21 max electric bike
ekx x21 max ebike
ekx x21 max
x21 max electric bike


3000W 60V 30Ah electric dirt bike for kids

Original price was: $3,799.00.Current price is: $2,599.00.

3000W Motor
Unlimited power than EKX X21 2000W, promising adrenaline-pumping experiences on every ride.
60V 30Ah Battery
Quick remove battery for charging at home or the office, X21 Max built for durability and longevity.
50Mph Top Speed
X21 Max electric bike can speed up to max 85 kph (50+ mph)
70 Mi Range
ekx bike x21 max can explore 70-90 miles with normal riding speed subject to terrain variations.
Dirbike Tires
70/100-19 Off-road tire designed to hit dirt hard and fast.
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Explore the world of dirt-biking adventure with our explosive entry into the electric dirtbike space. X21 Max e dirtbike.

X21 Max electric bike overview

3000W EKX electric dirt bikes are designed to conquer the most challenging terrains. EKX X21 Max, with a top speed of 85 km/h, allows riders to tackle steep inclines and rugged trails, enjoying the instant torque and acceleration of its 3kW 60V motor.

Beyond the thrill of the ride, the X21 electric dirt bike prioritize sustainability and ease of use. Featuring eco-friendly electric powertrains and minimal maintenance requirements, riders can experience clean, quiet adventures without the hassle of traditional gasoline-powered motorbikes.

EKX X21 Max Specs

Off-roading Is Now More Electric Than Ever



60V 30Ah

Samsung Battery

50 Mph | 85 Kph

Max Speed

70-90 Mi

Top Range

EKX X21 MAX Ebike

The perfect birthday | X’max gift, EKX electric dirt bike for kids.

Upgraded 60V 3000W motor to ensure the full potential of X21 Ebike. Unleash the power with EKX X21 Max dirtbike.

60V 30Ah Samsung battery offers an exceptional long range for off-road and touring adventures.

EKX X21 Max has a top speed of 85 kmp (50+ mph), best Surron alternatives dirtbike under $2500.

70/100-19 Off-road tires are crafted for those who dare to push limits with off-roading adventures.

Double fork shock absorbers and hydraulic oil brakes designed with dirt-biking enthusiasts in mind.

X21 Max electric bike tackles steep inclines, navigate rocky paths, and conquer any obstacle with confidence.

EKX long-range adult electric dirt bike is engineered to deliver unparalleled power, speed, and durability.

X21 MAX ebike key features

x20 electric bike motor

Unlimited Power

Release the full potential of 3000W EKX X21 and get ready for uphill and off-road conditions.

ekx bike battery

Longer Range

Partnering with Samsung, X21 Max bike 30Ah battery means you'll go green to 70-90 miles range.

ekx x20 bike

Faster Speed

Lightweight dirt bike frame and twist-grip acceleration control put the driver in command, ride at 50 Mph (85 Kph).

x20 ebike suspension

Dual Suspension

EKX X21 electric bike robust full suspension endures the most rough trails.

x21 max ebike


Dirt Bike Tire

70/100-19 Off-road Tire


60V 30Ah Samsung

Hydraulic Brakes
Double Fork
7-Speed Gears

Electric Dirt Bike

Reasons to Buy & Key Factors to Consider

Electric dirt bike is suitable for various daily riding conditions, from off-road trails to urban commuting. You can enjoy both recreational cruising and practical commuting on an e dirtbike, as well as competitive racing adventures.

Electric dirtbike is a thrilling, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative for adopting sustainable transportation.

Motor Power

Where do you live? What do you need for an e dirt bike, your riding purpose and use determine the needs for speed or style over range and acceleration. But a 3kw EKX X21 Max offers instant power and smooth speeding, will surely feed your hungry soul for dirt on any challenging terrains.

Battery and Range

EKX X21 Max electric dirt bikes installed with 1800 Wh battery (60V 30Ah) capacity covers up to 70 miles range. X21 Max suits your typical riding distances and adventures.

Top Speed

When choosing an electric dirt bike for kids, consider their age, maturity, and skill. Remember, the need for speed is real, but so is the need for safety. EKX X21 max speed up to 85kmh (50ph), but you can put a speed limiter on it via throttle P seetins.

Frame and Suspension

X21 Max ebike is portabke to transport, and easy to handle, double fork shock suspension systems work with 70/100-19 Offroad Tyres enhance comfort and conotrol on rugged paths.

Save Money

Do you know that by 2030, over half of all new motorcycles sold globally will be electric? The X21 Electric Dirt Bike definitely in a budget price range, X21 e dirtbike with enough power, better components, and additional features to ensure peace of mind after purchase.

Fact: Electric dirt bikes can save riders up to $500 per year on fuel costs alone.

ekx ebike X21 Max handlebar

ekx x21 electric bike display

Explore new trails or tackle familiar paths with 3000W X21 electric dirt bike for adults

ekx x21 electric bike Details

X21 Max 3000w DC motor provides 120Nm torque, offering a surplus of speed and fast acceleration. Powerful & Quiet.

30Ah Samsung lithium battery offers exceptional range up to 50-70 Miles, eliminates Charge Anxiety.


EKX X21 Max comes with 70/100-19 Offroad Tyres. Improved control and handling, suitable for all terrains.

Front: Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable), Rear: Multi-link hydraulic spring central type, Rear Shock Absorber Travel: 3.3 inch (85 mm adjustable)

X21 Max electric dirtbike simultaneous dual brake provides the greatest stability and steerability.

With an IP 56 grade waterproof lever and an aluminum alloy body with weight dissipation, X21 eBike can conquer all offroading terrains.

3000W ekx bike with 50A controller unleash full capacity with peak speed of 85kph, acceleration goes from 0-50mph on only seconds.

Variable-speed riding modes are available to suit the needs of riders at different levels. Sport Mode is for those craving for speed and EP Mode for those need for range.

5 levels of pedal-assist programming improves Pedal Assist by adjusting assistance based on power level, not just speed.

Front-facing are designed with 2.5w high brightness LED headlight to illuminate the path ahead and increase night visibility.

EKX X21 Dirt eBike lets you quick swap for a fully-charged battery in seconds, deliver a super-charged offroad experience!

The backlit, heads-up LCD display ensures realtime track on riding status and route.

ekx x21 e-bike
x21 e-bike
ekx ebike x21

EKX X21 Max Data

EKXBIKE was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts with innovative ideas to explore new trails or tackle familiar paths with confidence using green power – electric dirtbikes. micro-mobility. These rugged e-dirt bikes feature long-lasting batteries and enough torque to ensure an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Our aim was to provide lightweight, affordable e-bikes for daily commuting amidst heavy traffic. The removable battery can be quickly swapped and charged at home in the garage or under the office desk.

Discover the power and efficiency of EKX 3000w ebike for your next off-road dirtbike adventure.

SpecificationsTire: 70/100-19 Off-road TyresGeneralItem Name: EKX X21 MAX E-Bike
Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum alloyBrand: GUNAI
Max Speed: 50 mph (80-85km/h)Type: Electric Bike
Pure electric 40 – 50 milesModel: EKX X21 Max
Pedal-assist 70 – 90 milesColor: Black
Max Load: 200kgFeatures75-93.5 mile power-assisted mileage
Shift level: 7 SpeedMax speed 85km/h (52mph )
Motor: 3000W hub motor 120NmAluminum alloy frame
Battery: 60V 30Ah Samsung lithium batteryRugged design, ensuring safety
Brake: front and rear hydraulic oil brakesThree modes of travel
Front fork: hydraulic front forkpedal mode, pedal-assist mode, electric mode
Slope: 35°Display: LCD YL90F
Suspension: Front & RearLight: LED spot-light
Expanded size: 68.5″*38.2″*25.6″SizesApplicable height: 63″-76.8″ (160-195 cm)
Transmission system: Rear driveActual weight: Approx. 80 lbs (36 kg)
Overcurrent protection: 80A (Controller max current)Battery weight: Approx. 17LBS (7.5-8 kg)

1 × EKX X21 MAX Electric Dirt Bike

1 × Charger

1 × Tool Kit

1 × User Manual

Client Testimonials

“X21 Dirt eBike is easy to learn and master, compact, lightweight, easy to maintain, and affordable. If you’re thinking of getting your first dirtbike purchase X21, your perfect entry-level electric dirt bike by EKX.”
fat tire bikes for sale
Robert Rangel
“My first E-moto! Absolutely love it! So glad I went with X21 MAX vs other options on the market!! EKX bike checked off all expectations!!! Too much fun and customer service is outstanding!”
fat tires bike
Sean McNamee

ekx x21 Max bike - FAQ

All most all electric dirt bike at local shops start at $3500. ekx X21 Max, 3000w electric dirtbike, available at $2500, making it a budget-friendly e dirtbike.

ekx X21 ebike 2000W top speed is 50kmh.
3000w ekx X21 Max can ride at top speed of 85kmh (50mph).

x21 Max electric bike can cover 40-50 miles in pure e-bike mode and 65-80 miles in pedal assisted bike mode.
Please note at constant top speed may get a much lower range than above.

Yes, ekx do sell extra X21 battery replacement, controller and other parts for x20 x21 electric bike.

EKX X21 eBike comes with fenders or mudguards included in the package. If you are concerned about your back getting muddy from road moisture with the original X21 Bike fenders, we suggest using a Sur-ron fender with longer M6 bolts for the front. For the back, consider using Sur-ron components again or a universal motorcycle mudguard.

ekx X21 Max electric bike controller output × battery voltage = max motor current. This bike comes with a 60V motor and a 30Ah battery, So stock you get a max of 1800Wh power.

3000W X2 Max is upgraded version of X21 2000W, higher speed, 85kmp vs 50kmp.

If you’re experiencing issues with your EKX electric bike, please reach out to info@ekx-ebike.com for service support or video guide.

EKX X21 is big enough for me, but pedaling will be hard as knees go so high as seat is a bit low. I would say 170cm-190cm its ok. Feels really good to ride X21 ebike on asphalt and sand roads. I have not taken it really offroad, but I think the “off-road” on this bike is more the style. It is no Sur-ron or Talaria.

ekx x21 can be ridden in the rain, it can handle moderate water crossings in off-roading conditions. However, significant immersion in water and refrain from using pressure washers is not advised.

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