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2000w electric dirt bike

X20 Ebike

Best Off Road Electric Bike – 2000W 35Ah Spoke Wheel X20

Original price was: $1,999.00.Current price is: $1,699.00.

Powerful Motor
Peak power up to 2000W provides sufficient power to climb
Detachable Battery
35Ah removable battery for extended range up to 70 miles
30 Mph Ebike
EKX X20 electric bike reaches max speed 34 mph (55kph)
Long Range
X20 ebike can ride for 50-70 miles in pure e-bike / PAS mode
Fat Tire Bike
20*4 inch fat tire e bike suitable for all kinds of terrains
Full Suspension
Front double fork and rear suspension ensure comfortable and controlled riding
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The X20 ebike is your gateway to an elevated and powerful adventure! It takes your fat biking to the next level, providing the coolest ride to date.

X20 ebike overview

X20 ebike 2kW motor with a 48V 35Ah battery, utilizing the power and speed it can deliver. Great power when you want to go fast, super long range when you want to travel further.

The X20 bike is revolutionizing urban transportation with its edirt bike sporty design and eco-friendly features. Creating a cleaner, more efficient, and greener transportation landscape. EKX X20 electric bike sets the standard for modern last-mile commuting.

EKX X20 Electric Bike Specs


High Speed Motor

48V 35Ah

Detachable Battery

30 Mph | 55 Kph

Top Speed

55-70 Mi

Max Range

ebike X20 features

x20 electric bike motor

2000W Motor

EKX X20 bike is a powerful 2000W bike, great acceleration and speed up to 50 km per hour.

ekx bike battery

35Ah Battery

X20 bike battery with a 48V motor, total 1680 Wh output, will get you far enough as long as you need on any type of terrains.

ekx x20 bike

30 Mph Speed

Enjoy pushing the limits on speed but also advocate for safety; go faster at 34mph on the EKX Ebike X20.

x20 ebike suspension

Full Suspension

X20 Ebike is the perfect full-suspension commuter e-bike, whether you use it for mountain biking or riding on dirt.

ekx x20 electric bike
20*4.0" Fat Tire
Hydraulic Oil Brake
Suspension Fork
7-Speed Gears

ekx electric bike review

Offroad electric bike

EKX X20 is an off-road electric bike between a dirt bike and a mountain bike. It’s quiet electric ride, yet affordable.
Riders appreciate the power and ruggedness of a dirt bike, but without the noise of a dirtbike clutch. Silence is better for poaching trails!

No refuel with a Jerry can

Unlike regular dirt bikes, riden hard for a while using up their fuel, then refueled in the middle battery can be hot-swapped in seconds. Simply swap in a spare X20 battery for uninterrupted adventures!

More Power & Range

When it comes to electric bikes, the motor and battery are crucial. For track bikes, a swappable battery is essential.
As for trail bikes, you need the freedom to cover long distances. Off-road, you’ll need more power to climb without draining your battery quickly. Ebike X20 is 2000W and 70 Miles on range.

Less maintenance

Hate to spend every weekend working to repair or improve performance parts on a regular motocross. Imagine riding an ebike that requires low maintenance and can be expected to run problem free for a year or two. ekx x20 electric bike from a well established brand offers reliability and consistency.

All terrain ebike

EKX X20 electric bike design inspires base on a Surron and it’s much more balanced at cost and performance, an ebike that looks like a dirt bike, fairly standard for everything, standard dirtbike forks and frames, shock absorber, fat tires etc.
Looking forward to ride a quite edirt bike but less expensive than a Surron? want less torque in low traction countryside trail? If you’re competing with low cost dirt ebikes and cover more miles, try X20 ebike from ekx, or real cheap dirt electric bike X21.

ekx X20 ebike at a Glance

x20 electric bike display


x20 ebike review

2000W brushless high speed motor (1680Wh battery) provides instant power and top speed of 34Mph with ease.

A swappable 35Ah X20 battery capacity ensures the title of the best long-range ebikes, with a range of up to 70 miles.

Puncture free fat tires and spoke wheels with lower ground pressure, ride through your commute over 30 mph with comfort.

Full body suspension (KKE shocks just like on a Surron) renegade suspension is durable and well-able to take on even the most rugged of terrains.

Alloy wheel ebike X20 is more rigid to handle higher speeds and torque; Spoke wheels are more flexible for off road adventures.

The X20 ebike hydraulic oil brakes offer precise brake power over short distance and instant response.

The ekx X20 ebike’s dirt bike frame design offers a sporty and high-quality ride experience, perfect electric motorbike alternatives.

Easily engaged throttle makes X20 bike a lot easier to ride, and pedaling assist system helps to regulate speeds in lower power demanding situation.

Powerful controller smoothly wire the EKX bike battery to the motor.

EKX x20 e-bike is eMTB for sure, suitable for all terrains. Come with functional Throttle Mode(Pure electric), pedaling-assist, and pedal only mode.

Five levels of pedaling assistance, maxes out at 2000w or about 20 amps, and will assist up to 34mph or 50km per hour speed.

Classic motocross front light (day&night mode) and rear turning signals add extra protection for safe night ride.

EKX Bike X20 with quick removable battery, making the x20 ebike the perfect choice for convenient recharging and maintenance, also extended range possible.

Intuitive LCD display accurately shows current speed and battery level, mileage and PAS level.

ekx electric bike
ekx electric bike review
ekx x20 electric bike


Motor: 48V 2000W brushless Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame
Torque:  65N·m Brake:  Oil Brake
Battery Capacity: 10Ah/15Ah/2-Ah/25Ah/30Ah/35Ah Maximum load: <200kg (440 LBS)
(30ah X20 battery uses Panasonic cells) Brake disc size: 180mm in diameter
Max speed: 55kph/34mph Height recommendation: 175-190cm(5’8″- 6’3″)
Top Range: Pure electric 40 – 45 km | Pedal-assist 70 – 75 km Weight: 36kg/79lbs
Drive Mode: rear drive Battery weight: 7.5kg
Climbing Slope: <35° Max Load: 150kg/331lbs
Transmission: Shimano 7 Speed Rated speed(r/min): 490Rpm
Suspension: Front & Rear Spring Suspension Charging: Output power 3A charging time 6-8H
Waterproof grade: IPX6 Package Size:  140*33*82 cm | 55*32*13 In
Wheel: Magnesium alloy one-piece wheel / Spoke wheel Undervoltage protection: 39V
Tire: 20×4.0″ Fat Tire Overcurrent protection value:  22+2A

1 × X20 eBike

1 × Charger

1 × Tool Kit

1 × Front and rear fenders

1 × Rear shelf

1 × User Manual

Client Testimonials

“I love this bike! I was looking for surrons, but since this bike has a fat tire, turn signals, a proper LCD screen, LED headlight and the beloved tri-spoke for half the price i got this instead! Done 400km so far, no issues.”
ekx bike rider
“I looked all over the place for an electric bike and most only come with a 750 watt motor but I wanted a bit more for some hills in Cali. Great bike that easily cruises around town or off road. Pretty fast and real fun to ride.”
ekx x20 bike user
Brent Nukom

ekx x20 ebike - FAQ

Looking for a powerful 2000w electric bike at a great price? X20 bike price is reasonable from $1199-1699, obviously a budget bike.

34 miles per hour or 50 km/h max. Top speed can vary depends on the weight of rider, terrain, and temperature etc.

48V 35Ah ekx x20 electric bike can grant 60 miles of range under full power mode.

We recommend riders to go through and became familiar with major electric systems of electric bike. Check of all electrical cables, plugs etc to ensure every parts is secured and in good condition. Most importantly check brakes, periodic maintenance is mostly tires and lubrication, with some bolt tightening occasionally.

Discover the wide range of ekx ebike replacement parts at ekx-ebike.com or Aliexpress ekx bike official store.

Rider A: I have an X20 with over 3000 miles.

2 complaints geometry is a little weird and rear suspension needed a tad more. Looks like they fixed the rear suspension beefed it up and longer travel

Can’t say enough good things about this bike

This bike walks circles around 10000$ Treks Specialized and Giants…. Frame brakes suspension battery motor and anything else you can think of are just bigger and stronger…

Yeah adds a little weight but how many times we see Giants and other 1950’s frames snapping at the rear forks now… Least 1 a month in this sub…

Rider B: its the EKX X21 model, I’m planning on replacing the pedals with pegs to complete its dirtbike build.

Rider C: My only experience with X20 bike is seeing some other guy on the trails near me riding it, he looks happy, rides pretty fast here in the UK, and it seems like he goes to work with it. It’s a pretty good price for what I’m looking at.

Rider C: I’m looking at buying my first e bike ever for my daily commuter and came across the x20 a while ago, could you drop the link for this x21 ebike? I’m probably gonna end up getting it.

ekx bike X20 battery is king of range, 48V 35Ah Samsung battery pack rated output of 1680Wh. Reliably offer 50+ miles of full throttle riding on main road.

Rider A: I bought the x21 after watching some Russian review and x20 vs x21 comparison.

Rider B: Ekx 21, I’m sure I’ve seen it on AliExpress, and I’ve seen one guy riding it in real life. It’s looks decent. I’m wondering if you could do any sort of modifications to x21 ebike?

Rider C: To be fair, I’ve seen the ekx x20 ebike in Summer last year, he seemed happy, and he was whizzing around no problems. I’ve ordered one a while back and will receive it in around a weeks’ time, was wondering whether it struggled at all when we was riding it on the trail?

ekx bike store offers rear rack and mudguards, come in the x20 ebike package.

ekx x20 electric bike review: I recently sold ekx x20 electric bike cause I’m moving but the weight was my biggest issue. Granted it felt like it could move 400 lbs, but I couldn’t go everywhere in Seattle due to steep hill climbing. I pretty much always had pedal assist on cause of the weight and with PAS on you would pretty much keep it in 7th gear. And my seatpost wore out pretty quick. The nose wouldn’t stay up but the seat was too comfortable to look to replace.

EKX X20 Bike Review: Looks like a RadPower copy. I have a x20 e-bike and use it to commute to work. 7 speeds is fine but not good if you want to pedal without power. Get about 40 miles per charge.

EKX X21 ebike review: Honestly it’s a good ebike, I have the 25Ah 2000W version and I love to ride it in woods. Fat tires are a must, they save my *ss many times when I ride on mud or trunks.

ekx bike has warehouse in Poland and USA, fast shipping can take 3-10days depending on your location.

ekx electric bike offers 6-12 months according to different parts, detailed warranty policy click here, ekx bike warranty

X21 Electric Bike

2000W Motor

34 Mph / 55 Kph Speed

75 Mi / 125 Km Max Range

0-30 mph in 4 Seconds

Confidently explore all off-road terrain with X21 dirt ebike. 2000W 48V and more of peak power from a detachable Samsung battery, conquer trails and hills with speed and ease.

ekx bike x21