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x20 electric bike
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X20 Electric Bike

2000W 35A Samsung Battery Off Road Ebike – X20 Bike


2000W Motor
Exceptional power for easy acceleration and climbing
15-35Ah Battery
Choose between standard or extra-long range capacity for a great ride.
30Mph Speed
EKX X20 electric bike reaches speeds up to 34mph (55kph)
65 Mi Range
Massive 35 Ah battery allows for 40-60 miles in pure e-bike mode.
Fat Tires
20*4" fat tires suitable for all terrains.
Dual Suspension
Heavy-duty double fork suspension ensures a luxurious ride.
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The X20 ebike is your gateway to an elevated and powerful adventure! It takes your fat biking to the next level, providing the coolest ride to date.

X20 electric bike overview

2000w EKX X20 was to introduce as lightweight, cost-effective fat e-bikes for daily commuting in urban traffic. With a removable 35Ah battery, charging becomes hassle-free, whether at home or in the office.

For those seeking a cheap e-bike capable of handling all terrains with power, speed, long range, and exceptional performance, the X20 ebike is the perfect option. Explore from the backyard to the mountains, from the forest to the track with ekx electric bikes!

X20 Ebike Specs


High Speed Motor

48V 35Ah

Detachable Battery

30 Mph | 55 Kph

Top Speed

55-70 Mi

Max Range

X20 bike features

x20 electric bike motor


An upgraded 2000W peak power hub motor with 65Nm torque is designed to provide more power for uphill and off-road conditions.

ekx bike battery

Battery Power

Upgrade to a 48V 35Ah battery for an extended range of 45 to 65 miles, empowering you to take on longer trips with ease.

ekx x20 bike

Max Speed

Speeds up to 30 mph without the need for pedaling. X20 e-bike is more like a motocross.

x20 ebike suspension

Dual Suspension

X20 Ebike double fork oil suspension softens any ride on dirt roads and trails.

ekx x20 electric bike
20*4.0" Fat Tire
Hydraulic Oil Brake
Suspension Fork
7-Speed Gears

ekx x20 electric bike review


ekxbike X20 gives you freedom and swiftness – easily tackle hills, travel longer distances; commuting has never been more convenient.


EKX X20 eBike transforms your journeys into adventures, offering low-strain workouts during your rides.


The ekx x20 electric bike equipped with front lights, brake lights, turn signals, and an electric horn ensures a solid, safe, and reliable riding experience on the road.

Save Money

Imagine any trips you can take with other vehicles like cars and motorbikes; ekx x20 electric bike can do it with no fuel cost.


Explore the versatility of fat tire electric bikes for various activities like commuting, cruising, mountain biking, and off-road adventures. ekx e-bikes are designed to offer reliability and durability across different terrains, ensuring a seamless riding experience whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring rugged trails.

X20 bike at a Glance

x20 electric bike display

Experience easy handling and comfortable human-vehicle interaction.

Ebike X20 Details

A 2000W rear hub-motor (1440Wh battery) with 65Nm of torque delivers power and speed (34Mph) with comfort.

A removable 48V 35Ah battery provides a class-leading mileage (70Miles) that you can confidently take on any adventure.

20” x 4” puncture free fat tires and single-piece cast wheels, ride through your commute, trails, or town with EKX X20 electric bike.

Double fork renegade suspension is durable and well-able to take on even the most rugged of terrains.

Alloy wheel is more rigid to handle higher speeds and torque; Spoke wheel X20 are more flexible for off road adventures.

The X20 electric bike hydraulic oil brakes offer responsive and safe control whether in wet or dry conditions.

The X20 ebike’s modern frame design offers a stylish and high-quality ride, perfect holiday gifts for parents or kids.

Easily engaged throttle makes it a lot easier to regulate speeds in an urban setting.

A 28 amp controller swiftly and smoothly distributes power to the motor.

Electric (Throttle Mode), pedal-assist, and pedal-only, x20 e bike is an all-terrain eBike to take you explore the unknown.

5 levels of pedal-assist ensures an effort-free ride whether you’re in a hurry or enjoying a leisurely ride on weekend.

Wide angle front headlamp (day&night mode) and rear light includes a brakelight and turn signals.

Explore farther and longer with the EKX X20 electric bike’s removable battery, allowing for easy charging outside the frame. Spare battery can be removed and installed in seconds, doubling your range.

Backlit digital display accurately shows mileage and battery level on the go. IP-65 rated electrical components ensure better water and dust resistance.

ekx electric bike
ekx ebike
ekx bike

EKX X20 Data Sheet

Motor: 48V 2000W brushless Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame
Torque:  65N·m Brake:  Oil Brake
Battery Capacity: 10Ah/15Ah/2-Ah/25Ah/30Ah/35Ah Maximum load: <200kg (440 LBS)
(30ah X20 Battery use Panasonic cells) Brake disc size: 180mm in diameter
Max speed: 55kph/34mph Height recommendation: 175-190cm(5’8″- 6’3″)
Top Range: Pure electric 40 – 45 km | Pedal-assist 70 – 75 km Weight: 36kg/79lbs
Drive Mode: rear drive Battery weight: 7.5kg
Climbing Slope: <35° Max Load: 150kg/331lbs
Transmission: Shimano 7 Speed Rated speed(r/min): 490Rpm
Suspension: Front & Rear Spring Suspension Charging: Output power 3A charging time 6-8H
Waterproof grade: IPX6 Package Size:  140*33*82 cm | 55*32*13 In
Wheel: Magnesium alloy one-piece wheel / Spoke wheel Undervoltage protection: 39V
Tire: 20×4.0″ Fat Tire Overcurrent protection value:  22+2A

1 × X20 eBike

1 × Charger

1 × Tool Kit

1 × Front and rear fenders

1 × Rear shelf

1 × User Manual

Client Testimonials

“Advertised at 48V 30ah, the range should be good and I haven't been disappointed. Doing a mix of pedal assist / throttle topping out at 40 km/h - as well as a few full speed stretches at 52, mix of pas3/4 and full throttle, I managed to ride 63km with 1 solid bar remaining.”
ekx electric bike user
“Epic! Very fast bike, acceleration is decent. The frame and brakes are super solid. All in all nothing has actually broken, I've never been stuck by the side of the road and its just an incredibly fun ride. I have 900 km on the odometer.”
ekx x20 ebike user

ekx x20 electric bike - FAQ

Almost any of fatbike available at local bike shops start at 2000. ekx X20 electirc bike price is reasonable from $1199-1699, its obviously a budget bike.

52 km/h max speed or 34 miles per hour. Full throttle with 5 Pedal-Assist mode.

With fully charged 35Ah battery, x20 can ride 60 miles on a mix of hilly and flattish riding. At constant top speed you probably get a range of about 30 miles.

You can either find a local mechanic or rely on Ekx Bike for after-sales service (which would save you the extra money). We’ll provide video instructions on how to replace any non-functioning parts as well.

Yes, we do sell spare batteries ranging from 15 to 30ah. The battery holder doesn’t have to pull out at all. Buy X20 bike battery (click).

Rider A: The frame and brakes are super solid. I actually had a serious accident on a rad power bike last summer. Thats why I explicitly mention the brakes and the frame, either of those fail and you’re a long way from home. I can honestly say these brakes feel just as good as the Magura MT5e, which I had on the radrunner after crashing it.

Rider B: My biggest concern with buying Aliexpress cheap ebikes is that with high speeds, the build quality needs to be pretty solid. The last thing I want to be doing is going 50 km an hour and then have a critical component break on me, which could result in severe injury, or even death.

X20 bike controller output × battery voltage = max motor current. This bike comes with a 28a controller and 48V 30Ah battery, So stock you get a max of 1344W to the motor.

Bigger fork or frame, cooler design, better suspension set up, and the ekx x21 ebike battery is original Samsung. Other than that, the core components like motor, controller are identical.

Rider A: As a 6’2 rider, I’m really pushing it (too tall for the stock seatpost), your height should be pretty good. The ekx electric bike recommended rider height is 5’8″-6’4″ though.

Rider B: I’m 190cm myself, feels a little small but nothing I cant fix with a new seatpost and a handlebar riser.

With the water part on x20 adult bike is apparently ip67 rated which should be okay enough.

Rider A: Had this bike for a while…loved it.

Removed the rear rack, fenders and front light/horn.

Spray painted the white grills black and it looked badass.

Replaced the fenders with smaller, lightweight ones and used a smaller (but powerful) quick release handlebar light.

Very fast bike (love the mode switch for power delivery).

Rider B: Something is creaking on my bike and I think its the front fenders. They are full aluminium. Having tried them I may switch to something less noisy and more lightweight.

Rider C: I want that seat for my x20… I’m seriously considering welding a seat to it, it’s already set perfect for a dirt bike or sur Ron seat, just chop the pole holder a bit and weld it. Or weld a clamp to it so Im able to switch

No, but you can just buy a handlebar riser.

EKX X21 Electric Bike

2000W Motor

34 Mph / 55 Kph Speed

75 Mi / 125 Km Max Range

0-30 mph in 4 Seconds

Confidently explore all off-road terrain with X21 dirt ebike. 2000W 48V and more of peak power from a detachable Samsung battery, conquer trails and hills with speed and ease.

ekx bike x21